Dental Emergencies

Important Pointers to Keep in Mind When Dealing with Dental Emergencies


Dental EmergenciesTime is crucial when dealing with any dental emergency. You have to keep your head clear to know what proper measures to take and how to respond to the problem. Apart from having a first aid kit and phone number of your dentist ready, you must also prevent the problem from worsening.

Here are a few pointers when handling dental emergencies:

Loosened Teeth

If you have a loose tooth, you need to try bringing it back to its normal alignment. Apply soft pressure using your finger. If you can’t, don’t force it or else the tooth may completely become loose. Call your dentist as soon as possible to restore your tooth to its normal state.

Knocked Out Tooth

If your tooth gets knocked out, it experiences trauma that only a dentist can solve. A knocked out tooth can only be reattached an hour or so after it got removed. To prevent damaging the root, handle the crown of the tooth and don’t dry it out.

Mouth Injuries

Punctured tears, wounds, cuts, and lacerations to the cheek, lips, or tongue are all mouth injuries that you should address quickly. Clean the infected area as soon as possible. Go to an oral surgeon Utah patients trust for the right emergency procedure.

Fractured Tooth

For a fractured tooth, swiftly rinse your mouth and use an ice pack or cold compress to reduce swelling. The dentist may use a sandpaper disc for minor fractures, or proceed with a restorative treatment if it’s a major fracture.

Some other precautions you can take to prevent dental emergencies include using a mouth guard when playing sports or physical games, and avoid eating too much hard food. Take extra care of your teeth to keep them at their best condition.