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Improving Stair Safety: Practical Ways to Make Your Stairs Anti-slip

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The safety of your family, employees and clients is paramount. If you have stairs at home or the office, making them anti-slip is essential. You should also be careful with how you do it. This is because not all methods are ideal for all types of stairs. Below are practical ways to make your stairs anti-slip.

Install Stair Nosing

Steel stair nosing works well in preventing slips. It works by adding grip to stairs. It is critical to research how to install the nosing to avoid compromising the safety of your stairs and building. If cutting your nosing is necessary, take careful measurements beforehand. You should also allow sufficient curing time after installation.

Use Anti-slip Paint

Anti-slip paints differ from ordinary ones in that they contain steel substrates and aluminium aggregates. The aggregates make them coarse. You should determine the level of cementation you need before buying such paints. If you need a high degree of cementation, you should choose among colours that contain hard aggregates. It is essential to consider the material of your stairs, too. What works for wooden stairs might not work for metal stairs.

Install Rubber Treads

Rubber non-slip treads come in a plethora of types. They make a valuable investment because they are affordable, durable, and easy to clean. Unlike in the past, you can choose from a variety of colours. This ensures that you choose treads that complement the general appearance of your home or office. Like all other anti-slip materials, you should be careful to install your rubber treads suitably.

You should not wait until accidents happen to make your stairs anti-slip. It is also advisable to do your homework and determine what will work best for you. Seeking the assistance of a reliable building contractor is a wise decision.