Psychotherapist helping a client

Into the Unconsciousness: The Different Psychology Degree Specialties to Choose From

Straight Study

Psychotherapist helping a clientFor those interested in delving into the unconscious mind, a career in psychology entails a thorough study of how people think and feel. The goal of a psychology degree in Singapore is to observe human behaviour. It also involves answering why they feel and think the way they do. As the mind is complicated, you can choose to specialise in different fields to focus on what you are most interested in.

Counselling Psychology

Counselling psychology is probably where a majority of students connect with when they start to consider studying psychology. These types of psychologists commonly devote their time giving advice to clients on a wide range of social and personal problems. If you prefer having a private practice or working in a rehab centre or hospital, you will need a master’s degree in counselling psychology.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a specialised field of psychology that focuses on mental issues or disorders. If you want to try this career, you have a chance to take your specialisation further, so you can manage patients with a bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Others may specialise in more personal issues like grief. To practice in this field, you must carry a master’s or doctorate degree in psychology, depending on your location.

Research Psychology

Some psychologists prefer to work in the area of experimental or research psychology. They can conduct this at a university or a business. These psychologists generally have to study animal or human behaviour as well as their relationship to the environment. You can work in this area if you have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but it will be quite limited. To pursue more thorough assessments and research or to be an instructor, you have to hold a PhD or master’s degree.

The specialisations above are only some of the many psychology degrees you can try. Do remember that several fields need even more comprehensive studies compared to others, so this would require longer time in school to study the specific specialisation.