An Introduction the Four Driveway Gate Options for Your Home

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Gates are an important element when it comes to a home’s façade because it serves as one of the first lines of defence. It closes off your property and keeps your family and assets protected. When choosing what type of gate to install, it is always best to consult experts.

Contractors from companies like Boardwalk and other landscape specialists know just how important gates are, so they offer insights as to which options are right for certain purposes.

Automated Slide Gates

Slide gates have wheels that slide in whatever direction it is pulled in. Those who want a slide gate should have adequate space that is at least equal to the width of the driveway. This is because the gate needs enough room to slide. Some of the most popular types of slide gates you can choose from are the V-track, cantilever, and rear pipe track.

Barrier Gates

Toll booths, parking garages, and other traffic control locations are the most common examples of where you can find barrier gates. These gateways have mechanisms that go up to let a car into or out of a parking area. Though barrier gates are more affordable than most types of gates, it doesn’t provide any security and isn’t visually appealing in a home, either.

Vertical Pivot Gates

Vertical pivot gates are an alternative for homeowners who don’t have enough room for a slide or swing gate. These gates also go up, but unlike barrier gates, they are made of a tall sheet of steel. Imagine more than 8 feet of gate rising and falling to let a car in or out. That’s how vertical pivot gates work.

Vertical Lift Gates

Vertical lift gates are commonly used in industrial locations because of their higher cost. The best thing about these gates is that they really are beautiful and functional.

Do your research first or consult experienced contractors before deciding on what type of gate to install. With the right knowledge, you’ll get a safe and beautiful gate for your home and driveway in no time.