Is There a Difference between Siding and Cladding?

Straight Study

Aluminum Siding When you are trying to build a home, you just do not focus on its foundations and aesthetics. You also need to give it ample protection to bear the changing weather patterns and other environmental conditions that may cause premature deterioration of the property.

Today there are many ways to show your house some extra love. For the indoor walls, you can do panelling. For the outside parts of the building, you can consider siding or cladding.

How Different Are They?

Many homeowners find it hard to decide whether to choose siding or cladding since they do not completely understand what they are and how they work. The truth is they can mean the same thing!

Unlike panelling, which is used on the inner walls, you can find siding or cladding on the exterior surfaces. They serve three major purposes. First, they provide more protection for the home against weather elements especially the preventing rain from getting through the walls. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of excess moisture, which can damage the structure over time.

Second, they help enhance kerb appeal. There are many great materials available from Vidaspace, such as burnt wood cladding, which adds some sophistication and rustic appeal to the property while slowing down the wear and tear of the paint.

Lastly, siding or cladding materials add an extra layer of strength for the home, which further improves the property’s longevity.

It’s Not All Bright

Cladding is very easy to maintain as it requires only simple cleaning. Nevertheless, it can take a while to install while the materials needed are expensive.

Should you opt for cladding or siding, or just settle for paint? In the end, the benefits of cladding weigh more than the risks and disadvantages. If your home can withstand many years, the cost and the effort placed on the installation and maintenance are then worth it.