Jacobs To Purchase Sinclair Knight

Straight Market

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. is expanding its reach further. In its latest attempt, the company is purchasing Sinclair Knight, an Australia based consulting and engineering firm for around $1.2 billion. CEO of Jacobs, Craig Martin, said that the two companies had little in common when it came to their geographic regions and capabilities.

Jacobs and Sinclair

Jacobs, that provides technical and construction services to a wide array of businesses including aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and energy industries, has officers in as many as 25 countries around the world, such as in the Americas, Europe, Middle-East, India, Australia, Africa and Asia. The company posted a revenue of $10.9 billion in fiscal year 2012.

The Australian firm Sinclair Knight Merz, that started in 1964, serves clients in mining, water, building and power sectors. It is also a mulit-national company and operates in Asia, South American and Britain as well.

The deal between the two companies might close by the end of the year, pending Sinclair’s approval .