Key Trends in Large Tank Storage: Advice from an API 653 Inspector


Large storage tanksThere has been exponential growth in the large storage tank market for a couple of years now. The coming year is even more promising, especially with the following trends to watch out for:

Demand for Cleaner Fuels

There is a significant shift toward alternative fuels to crude oil. Only a few manufacturers have been considering this change in the in designing new models of large tanks for storing such clean and light fuels.

You can expect this wave to spread to numerous other locations to meet the rising demand for appropriate storage of thee fuels.

This new development will not necessarily phase out the traditional large storage reservoirs for crude oil in a snap, opines industry expert Heartland Tank Services. But, with the focus being more on cleaner fuels, there are high chances that there will also be adjustments in the API standards that guide tank design, inspection and maintenance practices.

This move is not just a large-tank good practice. Even government and environmental protection legislatures are championing the shift from crude oil and other heavier fuels.

Increased Flexibility for Storing the Clean Fuels

With fuel traders resorting to using cleaner fuels, you can expect there to be a large variety of fuel products, which will demand an equal number of viable storage solutions. Such flexibility will also cause the increase in the number of types of large storage reservoirs that you can use for different purposes.

You cannot ignore the fact that the current shift toward highly refined fuels is affecting best practices for large tank storage design, inspection, and maintenance.

Unless manufacturers, installers, inspectors, and other key players in the large storage tank market come together to address these changes collectively, it will take the industry a little longer to realize the positive impact the particular changes could bring.