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Kit Homes: Simple, Affordable and Scalable

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kit homesEven though experts were skeptical about the housing industry trends of 2014, some people still believe that Australians still need new homes to live in. With a tangible portion of the Perth population seeking to live in affordable but comfortable homes, kit homes will be a definite hit.

The assumption that kit homes are budget buildings with no comfort and style is a myth., a specialist supplier of kit homes, shares a few interesting facts you didn’t know about this housing type.

Easy to Put Up

This is a good option when you are under a tight schedule. Unlike conventional buildings that take up to a month to construct, a kit home needs only a week or two. The ease of construction and project duration will definitely help you save on the home construction costs.

Spare More for Décor

The whole idea behind saving money when building a home is to channel the funds into something else. Most new kit homeowners can afford to use a portion of their budget for interior décor. The result is a cosy, little place — something you wouldn’t have achieved if you’ve chosen to build a conventional home.

Easy Downsizing or Upsizing

Kit homes are combinations of modules. The bedroom and the kitchen are just modules added onto the mainframe, preferably the living room. With such an approach, kit homeowners can easily downgrade the size of their homes whenever they do not need the extra wing or add a module for more space.

Affordable Maintenance

Even though you wouldn’t expect a kit home to survive over 20 years, its versatility and easy maintenance needs make it a perfect fit for people on a tight budget. They will save you from buying a retirement home in the neighbourhood for your parents or give you time to save for a better home if you are young and just recently married.