Komodo Dragon Dies At ‘Zoo Of Death’

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An endangered three-year-old komodo dragon has died in the latest incidents to hit Indonesia’s largest and most problem-plagued zoo.

An endangered species

Zoo officials said that the komodo dragon was found dead in its cage at the zoo in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city.

“I moved its tail, but it didn’t respond and when I checked, its eyes were already shut,” said zoo keeperSuraji, who discovered the giant lizard dead when he came to feed it.

The komodo dragons are native to several Indonesian islands and are considered vulnerable species, as only a few thousand left worldwide.

The death zoo

The recent death has led to widespread criticism and local officials have started investigations into animal deaths at the zoo.

It has long been plagued with problems, including premature deaths, uncontrolled breeding, and a lack of funding.

Many locals urge the government to close the facility, dubbed the” zoo of death.”