Man adjusting an air compressor

Latest Trends In Compressed Air Systems

Straight Study

Air compressors come in various types and sizes so it’ll be a challenge to choose the best one for you. Which is why it’s essential to know which ones are best. As we reach the end of the year, we’ll take a look back at a few of the most trending compressed air systems of 2018.

Energy-Efficient Air Compressor

As the air compressor technology advances year after year, a growing number of compressor designs are slowly adapting energy efficiency into its system. According to Associated Compressor Engineers, smaller air compressors are gaining popularity because of its compact design and its ability to perform specific tasks.

Centrifugal Air Compressor

These types of air compressors are commonly large and are often found in various heavy industries such as oil and gas industries. It’s also gaining popularity because of its performance and its energy efficiency as well. According to Control Engineering, centrifugal air compressors are highly- effective when it’s running at full capacity. It also best suited in plants that will use it for base load operation or companies who have a constant demand for an air compressor.

Oil-Free Compressors

This type of compressor is popular with companies and businesses who require clean compressed air output or businesses who want to avoid contaminating sensitive products. Oil-free compressors are best for various industries involved in electronics, human healthcare, food and even beverage production. There had been an increase in oil-free air compressors these days which continues to grow until this year.

All air compressor types have its benefits which can be suited to specific kinds of businesses. That’s why it’s essential to identify your needs and understand which ones will suit your type of business. You may want to inquire with a supplier who can provide you with a range of pumps and compressed air equipment for your business.