Improving Office Lighting

Let There Be Light: Improving Office Lighting with Natural Light


A happy work environment is important if you want to reach business goals. It all starts with looking at how your office space contributes to employee productivity. If output quality at the office is on a decline, it might have to do with the amount of natural light that gets into the space. Let the light in and you might just be surprised to discover the difference.

Numerous studies conducted globally reveal that natural light boosts employee productivity and wellbeing. It can improve the mood inside an office and motivate employees to do more and outdo themselves when it comes to quality. More than boosting aesthetics, it also contributes to an improved working environment and helps you achieve goals.

Take a look at the following ways to brighten up your office space:

Choose Bigger Windows

Bigger windows means more light can come in. Check with your building administrator and engineer if you can proceed with a fitout for bigger windows. You can also remove objects and other equipment that obstruct the entry of light into the interiors.

Clean the Windows Regularly

Maintenance should not be a huge problem. The use of quality anti-reflective glass coating means cleaning can be done in a jiffy. Simply wipe the glass with a fiber cloth or apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to get rid of dust and dirt.

Paint the Walls with Light Colors

The right wall colors enhance the light. Darker colors tend to absorb light, which can weaken the impact of natural light. To maximize the benefits of natural illumination, paint the walls and ceiling in lighter colors like cream or pale yellow.

A well-lit office is a hub of productivity. By taking into account how much natural light pours into your office, you can motivate employees, improve their wellbeing, and achieve more business goals.