Losing Belly Fat: When Lifestyle Change Helps Surgery and Diets

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Many people want to have their ideal figure. It’s achievable, but at the same time quite challenging. It’s fun to know the right ways to remove belly fat while at the same time avoiding a yo-yo diet, which means losing weight for some time and then gaining it back.

Diets and surgery work, but you’ll have to try it yourself to find out if this combination works. The key to making it a success is to commit to it as a lifestyle change. Some people go on a diet, but stop once they reach the ideal weight. That’s unhealthy and incorrect. Fortunately, there are many expert pieces of advice on how to reduce tummy fat and keep it off.

The Sad Truth

It’s shocking to know that as of 2011, almost a quarter of adults in New York State are obese (24.5%), and an additional 36% are overweight. That’s around 8.5 million residents who are experiencing poor health in this state alone.

Experts say that the obesity rates among Americans are some of the highest in the world. According to studies, about 32.2% of men and 35.5% of women in the United States suffer from obesity. It’s a disease scientists now consider an epidemic, especially with its significant increase from 10 years ago.

Surgery Can Help, but It Doesn’t Stop There

Many people choose to undergo weight loss surgeries like liposuction and tummy tucks to instantly lose weight. That’s perfectly fine, but not everyone gets informed of the things that they should know to maintain that weight loss. Without exercise and a proper diet, people who go through these surgeries often regain that weight in a matter of months.

Body contouring is a quick way to lose unwanted belly fat. Licensed doctors perform these procedures, but people who go through them have to remember a couple of things. Apart from having motivation and the financial capability, a person has to consider changing the way they live, for the better.

Getting Help

Surgery together with healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle all contribute to an ideal body shape and weight. It’s important to talk to fitness experts pre- and post-surgery, and to discuss first with a physician to ensure safety and lasting results. Established websites like 5thavecosmeticplasticsurgery.com offer expertise on different body contouring methods. Visit them to find out more about tummy tucks and other weight loss procedures.