Losing The Baby Weight: Why New Moms Should Start After Three Months

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New moms who are trying to get fit may have another reason to lose weight, as Doctors in Canada say warn that weightgain after birth could be linked to a new risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The impact of getting fit

Doctors say moms should lose “baby weight” three to 12 months after birth.

“Most women are not going to go back to their pre-pregnancy weight right away and we found that the typical pattern is more than 80% don’t by three months,” said lead researcher Dr Ravi Retnakaran in a statement.  “But, at some three months to 12 months, what we’re suggesting is that you should be on a trajectory of weight loss.”

An early warning sign

Pregnancy is the one time when it’s normal to gain weight, which is about 20% or more of the body weight over the period of nine months.

This is not exactly what mothers, who are juggling their time to care for their newborn babies while doing the house chores, may want to read.

But doctors say that failing to lose excess weight within one year after delivery can worsen their maternal health.