Louvres at Home: A Practical Choice

Straight Study

girl cleaning a windowIn a world where everything is processed for convenience, there is a rising number of people who still value the importance of going natural. This applies not only to the food that one eats but also to the lifestyle choices an individual makes.

Using natural lighting is an easy way to incorporate the natural elements into your living environment. There are different window types that can welcome the sun to your abode, but louvres are the most common.

What are louvres?

Louvre manufacturers are proud to sell their products because of their versatility, aesthetics and functionality. Louvres can be made from different material, such as like wood, glass and aluminium. Operating louvres is easy; all you need is a simple pulley or lever to control the amount of light or wind that enters your home.

This window type is a popular choice for homeowners in tropical parts of Australia because it helps promote air circulation without compromising the home’s security and appearance.

Louvre maintenance tips

It can be challenging to clean louvres because they have numerous horizontal pieces (depending on the size of your frames). The most practical way to keep your louvres clean is to dust them regularly or at least once a week. Preventing dust build up makes it easier for you to clean your louvre.

You may likewise use a window cleaning solution, depending on the type of material used on your louvre. Just spray it on a brush or a piece of cloth and remove the dirt easily. To clean your louvres, detach the slats from the frame and submerge them in soap and water solution.

They may look difficult to clean, but once you get a hold of the style and have a stable cleaning schedule, you would realise that louvres are not as high maintenance as they seem.