Maintaining your Air Compressor: 5 Ways to Do it

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an air compressor being repairedAir compressors are not cheap and, therefore, you’ll want to make sure you get the maximum performance from it. Although an air compressor has several uses, most people are familiar with seeing it on a building site powering jackhammers for breaking up concrete.

Although Industrial air compressors are sturdy pieces of equipment, they should be well maintained. Here are some tips to help keep the compressor in good condition and to last longer.

Read the Manual

Reading the manual may seem logical, but it is often ignored. Following the manufacturer’s instructions to effectively operate and care for your equipment keeps you from spending unnecessarily on repair and maintenance. You also do not want to void the warranty by trying to find a quick fix with the air compressor if it doesn’t start.

Get Rid of the Moisture in its Tanks

This tip is especially relevant in a humid climate, as the receiver tank collects moisture from compressing the air around it. Find the draining valve and drain it regularly.

Keep your Intake Vents Clean

Regularly check your intake vents and keep them clean at all times. Having a dirty vent can make your air compressor work too hard, which can eventually burn-out the motor.

Keep the Bolts and Nuts Tight

Not checking on loose bolts and nuts means you’ll eventually lose them. Not only does this mean you’ll have to spend more time and money on repairs, a faulty air compressor is dangerous.

Check the Hose

Check those hoses and have them replaced once you see a crack or a hole in them. They are one of the most important components of your air compressor, and not having it replaced ASAP can destroy your whole unit.

Being well-informed is your key to having your tools working for the long term. Make sure to make reading a habit, and keep these tips in mind!