Metal Roof Repairs Done Properly

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Roof repairs can be a complex process. If done properly, they can outlive the roof system they’ve been applied to. If done improperly, however, they can continue to damage the roof system, leaving homeowners or building owners in Long Island with a continuing problem, like a leak condition.

A recurring leak condition can aggravate the owners, and lead to interior building damage and potential mold infestation. As such, it’s ideal to fix the problem correctly the first time.roof repair

Repairs to metal roof surfaces can be among the more difficult roof repairs to complete. Metal roof repairs are prone to premature failure, due to the difference in the roof panels’ expansion and contraction. This difference can stress the repair and lead to cracking, splitting, and the patch’s eventual failure.

With that said, here’s a recommended process for properly repairing a hole in a metal roof system:

Clean the Repair Area

Any source may have caused the hole in the metal roof system. No matter the cause of the hole, however, the repair area is often dirty. As such, clean it using the recommended cleaning products.

Cut the Repair Area and Patch

Cut the sheet metal to a suitable size. Once it has been cut and fit to size, round its corners to prevent sharp corners from becoming a catch for snow or ice.

Install and Secure the Repair Patch

Apply sealant to the repair area, and then take the patch and press it into place. Once the patch has been pressed into place, attach it to the metal roof panel’s surface using the pan head sheet metal screws.

When installed properly, a metal roof system can have a life expectancy that’s second to none. Like all roof systems, however, it requires regular maintenance and repair. Keep this in mind when choosing metal roofs as a roof system.