Microsoft To Globally Launch Xbox One

Straight Market

Microsoft’s has officially launched the Xbox One game console in the UK at midnight. Many game shops stayed open, so gamers could purchase the device.

Fight for dominance

The launch comes a week after the US launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4, and industry analysts see the two companies start their battle for dominance during the key holiday season.

The company aims to upstage major rival Sony with a console that goes beyond gaming and helps transform media viewing.

Microsoft is betting its first new video game console will help sustain its position as a dominant player in the gaming industry.

Competitive effort

The console has received early positive remarks for its interface, performance, and exclusive launch games.

Although the PS4 went on sale in the US, it will not be launched in the UK and Europe until the end of November. The Xbox One, on the other hand, went on sale in 13 nations on November 22.

To boost its entertainment offerings, Microsoft has goals for its console to act as a hub for anything seen on TV.