Military for Self-Improvement

Straight Study

Advantages of Military EducationMilitary education, apart from aiming to train volunteer citizens take up military roles, is designed to teach life skills. Skills which can be useful in dealing with day-to-day difficulties.

Physical Stamina Built

People have reservations. They have mostly thought that training would be hard. Too difficult for them to handle. They are right. Nobody would say it is easy. But that is the whole point. You are signing up for kitchen roles or babysitting here. You are expected to learn basic military process like weapon handling, bayonet fighting. Basically, you are becoming the stronger or the toughest version of yourself. Your training in Singapore’s SAF will surely make you move, lift, and sweat. Good thing, your physical stamina will be built as they are to make a soldier out of you.

Strong Mental Capacity

Who said that you will only be doing push-ups in your training camp? Truth be told, battles are fought with skills but won with strategy. It’s like a chess game. It is not enough to know the rules of the games and moves of each piece. For it is the moves, tricks, and sacrifices made on the onset of the game that takes the place of the king. Same is true with battles. That is why strategy-building activities are expected — simulated battlefields, structured programmes. Learning the what’s, when’s, who’s and where’s are important but knowing the why’s and how’s are more practical in the real game. Being sharp and quick in mind is useful, anywhere, anytime.

Spirits Uplifted

Physical stamina, check. Mental capacity, check. What other things to learn? Equally important is the character you have built while learning the basics of military and the techniques to win battles. After the training, there will be a brand new you.

Someone who has codified honor, realising that cheat and deception are no games for real victors. Your goals in light might have been redirected and off to pure realisation. For you have come to think that actions win games. Now, there is a warrior spirit in you, ready to take part, help people and serve your nation.