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More from Less: Downsizing to Granny Flats to Upsize Lifestyle

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Home's in AustraliaDownsizing your home is one of the best ways to upsize your lifestyle. When it comes to these shifts in living arrangements, there is probably no trend more popular than granny flats. Australia is going crazy about these secondary dwellings, as these provide not just additional space for growing families and extra income, but also a practical solution for people who want to take on economical and eco-friendly living.

Living Large on a Small House

By downsizing to a granny flat, you can live large even within the confines of a smaller space. Think about the budget challenges in big houses: the more space you have, the more expenses in filling up every corner. Moreover, a bigger home means higher heating, cooling, and water usage — and of course, expenses. Not only do you add to your carbon footprint, you also burn a hole through your pocket.

In granny flats, you will not have to worry about spending money on a lot of furniture, appliances and other house items just to fill your space. With the help of builders, you can also construct your home in such a way that it reduces energy use.

Experts from Classic Granny Flats, contractors who build eco-friendly micro homes, enumerate key elements in constructing energy-efficient homes: roof and ceiling orientation to maximise large eaves shading the windows, polyurethane integrated insulated exterior cladding product, and insulated panel roof.

Making the Move

It is best if you will collaborate with expert builders in constructing your home. With the help of your contractor, consider these when downsizing into granny flats:

  • Check the layout of the granny flat. It is important to see the plan of your granny flats so you will have an idea of how much space you will have. This will help you sort things out later—which to keep and which to go.
  • Group belongings. When sorting things out, keep these categories in mind: essentials, sentimental things, rarely used and forgotten items, and stuff to go (for donation or selling).
  • Downsize, downsize, downsize. De-cluttering just does not stop once you have moved into your granny flat. You have to constantly review your belongings and get rid of some to keep your space neat and clear. This is one of the benefits of living in small spaces; you become more diligent when cleaning.

Bigger is not always better — especially when it comes to building homes. The trend now is to live large, not in mansions, but in terms of money and energy saving benefits of living small.