Moving Out: A Survival Guide on Living Alone

Straight Study

man behind the doorAfter years of living under the same roof with the family, you’ve decided to leave the comfort of your home to find an affordable apartment for rent in Makati. It’s definitely challenging to move out and live alone. You’ll face problems and most of the time, nobody is there to help you solve them.

Before anything else, it’s important to prepare everything for your big move. This way, you won’t be shocked with your new environment:


Find an apartment as if you’re planning to stay there for good. Even if you’re just renting, it’s important to know what facilities are available and who your landlord and neighbors are. Observing these factors before signing the lease will help you live at ease during your first move.

Budget Control

Create a spreadsheet that contains all your future expenses, including the rent, groceries, and emergency budget, to know where your money will go. Setting a budget can be difficult at first, but once you become aware of your priorities, you’ll be able to tell the things you need and want. Knowing the difference between them can save you from going bankrupt.


Living alone means you have to do all your house chores. It’s best to learn a few healthy dishes, so you can monitor what you eat and don’t always have to eat out. Know how to do simple do-it-yourself projects to avoid relying on experts. Set a schedule for cleaning and doing the laundry, so you can keep your new home sparkly clean.

These are only some of the things you should keep in mind before moving out. Living on your own is difficult, but you’ll get used to it if you find a good apartment for rent and know your priorities and responsibilities.