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Multi-Benefit Strapping Solutions: Try Synthetic

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Gray Packaging StrapDespite being the strongest strapping, steel may not always be the answer to your packaging needs. If the materials you want to strap expands, you will want retensionable strapping. If your strapping will be exposed to different elements, you will want strapping that is weather-resistant. Here are some steel strapping alternatives that could be the right fit for your business.

Poly cord strapping

The poly cord or poly woven strapping goes by many names. It is sometimes called synthetic steel or safety strapping because of its durability and safety. This strapping is made of parallel polyester fibres reinforcing each other. Its material and structure reinforce the strapping, maintaining its hold even if it gets nicked by a forklift or sharp objects.

The poly cord strapping is also protected by a UV-resistant poly coating. This coating protects the woven fibres from damage, high levels of UV rays, and from rusting or rotting. This strapping has been tested to remain strong and tensile even with long exposure to the sun.

What users like the most about this strapping, however, is that it can be simply tensioned by tightening it when it becomes loose because of its expanding load. Other types of strapping, on the other hand, have to be strapped again.

PET strapping

PET or polyester strapping is sometimes called plastic strapping. This strapping is also made of polyester but is not woven like the poly cord strapping’s design. PET strapping’s strength is similar to steel but is lightweight and has great elastic memory. It does not fling when cut, reducing risks during packing. Being purely made of PET plastic, you can have this strapping recycled. PET strapping is corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for places with high moisture content.

For businesses, one of the best things about using strapping made from synthetic materials is that they get to save the money they would have spent on steel strapping. So if your operations do not need heavy-duty strapping, give synthetic a try.