Must-Know Trampoline Safety Hacks

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Trampoline Safety Trampolines can be a lot of fun for children but they can also be the cause of your child spending hours and sometimes days in the hospital. It is necessary to observe safety when using a trampoline. While most parents believe that trampolines are the safest play tools for children, the can be the cause of an expert gymnast bouncing her way into hospital if not well handled.

Past statistics show that more than eighty thousand children visited the hospital in 2009 due to trampoline-related injuries. Caution should be exercised at all times.

Read the manual

Assembling trampoline accessories is not as easy as we may imagine. Use the guide that comes with this new playing kit. Proper assembling ensures that no weak areas are experienced. There are specific ways of assembling frames which when ignored may result in serious consequences. You may have to assemble the trampoline for specific weight limits depending on who will be playing on it.

Make it padded and low

It is advisable to pad the trampoline to prevent head bumps. The area around it should also be cushioned to break any falls and related addition, lower the jumping surface to the ground. Minimize the risks of falling by reducing the distance from the trampoline to the ground.

Put an age limit

Experts’ advice that children below the age of six should not use a trampoline for safety reason. Remove any ladders and climbing aids that may be used by younger children to get to the trampoline. It is better safe than sorry.

Supervise the trampoline use

At no point should children use a trampoline without adult supervision. Anything is likely to happen with a trampoline. An instructor ensures that no children will do any risky tricks such as summersault on the trampoline. In addition, the adult will ensure that protective gears are properly harnessed.

In the end, the safety of your child should be a priority. Make sure that you help them play safely. It is your responsibility as a parent after all.