Nasty Germs in Your Carpet

Nasty Germs That May Be Lurking in Your Carpet


Carpets are prone to germs. These practically soak up all manner of microbes, making them veritable breeding grounds for all sorts of hazards to your family’s health. You have to make it a point to clean them regularly.

Carpet cleaning services such as Boss Systems ensure a thorough job, while other households prefer DIY home cleaning. Unfortunately, while everyone knows how much of a dirt magnet they can be, not many people realize just how many health hazards can actually be lurking within the fibers of carpets.

The following are some very nasty types of germs that may be lurking in your carpets:

Fungi and Mold – It is common knowledge that different types of fungi and mold can enter your home. What most people do not realize, however, is that many of these bacteria cause serious allergies—even death in severe cases.

Campylobacter – This type of germ is often a threat to people’s health during the winter months. It is more of a threat to individuals with weaker immune systems like children and the elderly. Common symptoms include fever, bloody stool, cramping, and abdominal pains.

Norovirus – This virus causes conditions that are similar to food poisoning and stomach flu symptoms. It can thrive for four up to six weeks in carpets and can go up into the air when people walk on it.

Micrococcus – This particular germ strain is one to be extremely wary of, especially for those with weak immune systems. It can cause you to have rather unsightly skin infections and even septic shock or meningitis.

Enterococci – Even it is a normal one that you can even find in your intestines, some species cause serious infections. These include urinary tract infections, meningitis, and bacteremia. What is worse is that certain strains are able to resist treatment.

While these germs are quite a frightening prospect, there is a simple solution to it: vacuum it regularly. When you keep carpets clean and dry, they are less likely to turn into breeding grounds for all these potentially harmful microorganisms.

Not only will you have carpets that are safer for your health, they will also be more pleasing to the eyes. Clean carpets are so much warmer, more elegant, and more comfortable on bare feet.