On Toilet Paper and Pain-Reliever: Travel Essentials You Always Overlook

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It’s a good thing you didn’t forget your passport or wallet like that one passenger struggling to check in over at the next counter. You might be proud now, but because you prioritized the essentials to make sure nothing went overlooked, you forget to include the little things that serve as lifelines, too.

Take for instance when you feel that there’s something up with your stomach. You hurry to the bathroom, and to your horror, there’s no toilet paper. You can’t sacrifice whatever papers you have in dire situations like this. You can’t also expect that there’ll be a first-aid kit in the prestige car you will hire in Liverpool in case you snap your fingers between the zip of your tote. Below are three things you should be bringing when traveling, but probably don’t.

Extra Plastic Bag

Your suitcases and totes are compact and tight. If you put smelly undies or towels soaked in sweat inside, it will be sure that the next time you unzip them, there will be a distinct and disastrous odour emanating from within. Separate dirty clothes from clean ones by putting them in a plastic bag. These bags are generic and free, so getting one shouldn’t be a problem.

Hand Sanitizer

Many times, people think that it’s the air circulating in the airplane that makes them sick. This is a myth, as airplanes use a special type of filtration system to remove bacteria and viruses. It’s actually the blankets, doorknobs, utensils, and items held by others that transmit bacteria or viruses from one person to another. It’s advisable to clean your hands, and this is where a bottle of hand sanitizer comes into picture.

Spare Memory Cards

Traveling turns people into camera addicts. You take pictures of everything that comes along your way or photograph your friends walking down the streets of Paris in different angles. The next thing you know, the camera’s memory card is already full. However, you forget to bring extra, so you’re compelled to look for an electronics store which will most likely sell you an overpriced item. Avoid this hassle by bringing an extra memory card.

Travelling is fun, but it’s the traveller’s misjudgement of things that make it disastrous. Other than expecting an executive tourist service to pick you up at an airport in Liverpool, depend on a detailed plan to make your vacation more than memorable.