Photography Revolution


Olympus is an enduring name in the field of photography. Over the years, it has been the bread and butter of many professional photographers around the world, enabling them to perfectly capture moments worth remembering. Olympus digital cameras have also paved the way for aspiring shutterbugs to hone their craft. And with the turn of the new decade, the photography giant offers yet another arsenal of tools that will captivate the international stage.

Olympus has always set the benchmark for digital cameras. With these two new cameras, the world will be a witness to a photography revolution.

Olympus Traveller SZ-16 iHS

Continuing the tradition of excellence of the Stylus SZ-series, the Olympus SZ-16 iHS brings a lot of innovative features onto the table. The camera has 24x optical zoom lens, 11 Magic Filters and built-in dual image stabilisation. New Olympus users can easily get around with using the various features. With the camera’s user-friendly interface, even the most seasoned photographers will find themselves tinkering with varied options the camera has to offer.

The digital camera manufacturer also introduces the TruePic VI Image Processor from the PEN series and improved Multi-Motion Movie Image Stabilisation. These features allow photographers an easy and enjoyable experience.

Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS

Olympus takes pride in its line of durable digital cameras. The company, however, takes a further step ahead with the Tough TG-2 iHS. The sophisticatedly rugged point-and-shoot camera has taken the competition underwater.TG-2 iHS enables underwater photography enthusiasts to explore depths up to 50 feet. It can take a lot of beating and endure 220 pounds of crushing weight and pressure—perfect for those who have adventurous souls.

Like the SZ series, it also has TruePic VI Image Processor for seeing the big, clear picture. Most underwater photographers complain of decreased photo quality and clarity. With the TG-2 iHS, they can rest assured that their snaps capture even the smallest of details. Things that were once impossible to shoot, like the clown fish fleeting just above the anemone, for instance, can be easily captured with the camera’s f2.0 lens.

A house is not a home without its inhabitants. Likewise, a camera house is not complete without an Olympus camera in its line of products. With these new digital cameras out in the market today, photographers will have the chance to capture better photos and take higher quality videos. It might be just a few more years before Olympus introduces yet another line of cameras that will push industry standards, a digital camera that will take the art of photography to another level.