Cocktail Party

Planning a Cocktail Party to Socialise with Friends and Family

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A cocktail party is a classy and fun way to socialise. As your guests are given room to wander and strike up conversations with people around the room, this type of gathering is great for introducing or meeting new people. It’s also a simple way to organise a gathering.

A cocktail party isn’t that difficult to plan, as it lasts only a few hours and requires  minimal food. Your guests won’t even be sitting around a dinner table. All you have to prepare is a couple types of finger food or hors d’oeuvres. To plan a cocktail party successfully, here are some tips to think about:

Prepare mixed drinks

Wines may be a staple in most parties, but mixed drinks are getting significant attention as well. Some of the most popular mixed drinks you’ll find at cocktail parties are bloody Mary, apple martini and dirty martinis. If you don’t have an idea how to mix drinks, enlist one of your family members or friends to play bartender for the party. If you are having a large gathering, however, you may want to hire a professional bartender.

Plan a simple menu

One of the best things about cocktail party planning is that you can prepare just about any menu. As long as your food complements your mixed drinks, that is. When they hear about your cocktail party, your guests will expect some light snacks and a drink or two. After all, they would attend only to mingle. As such, just prepare a selection of hors d’oeuvres that everyone will find something they would like.

Choose a venue

You may choose to host the cocktail party at your home. It would be convenient and less costly. If you are planning to host it elsewhere, then be sure to reserve a venue that is accessible to all your guests. If you’re lucky, you could even find some cocktail function venues that offer assistance in planning their client’s party. Regardless of where you are planning to throw a cocktail party, be sure that your guests will find the evening enjoyable.

Hosting a cocktail party is not as complicated as it seems. Just think that it offers a nice excuse to have your friends and family over for a good time.