Playing Safe: Proper Playground Maintenance for Injury Prevention

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A children's playground Proper playground maintenance is important for every homeowner as well as for the manager of child care centres. It enables children to play well, and to stay safe while doing so.

It involves simple things such as oiling the chains and repainting the equipment, which you can do yourself. It also involves aspects that take more time and require professional expertise, such as asphalt renovation.

Here is an overview of playground maintenance for injury prevention.

Routine Inspection Contributes to Playground Safety

Routine inspection determines the issues (e.g., uneven asphalt and broken swings) that you need to address for playground safety. While asphalt is strong, Auckland Asphalt Repairs shares that regular wear and tear can expose the substance to elements, leaving it vulnerable to cracks or holes.

Consider the following inspections to keep the children safe: visual, operational and annual.

Visual inspection is a check-up of the playground equipment’s basic condition, including its cleanliness and breakages. Operational inspection is a detailed look into quality control and minor wear and tear. Annual inspection encompasses a range of safety issues, namely structural problems, design practices and major wear.

A series of inspections will help you find out if something is wrong with the playground. From there, you may ask professionals to help fix it up.

Regular Repair Involves Both Equipment and Environment

A routine inspection shows you whether the playground equipment is operating suitably. It enables you to protect the children from a variety of injuries.

The repair work that follows addresses worn hardware, deteriorating structure, rusty metal components and decayed wood components. By patching up equipment components, you can prevent children from falling off and getting scratches on the skin.

It does not only involve the equipment, though.

Repair work also addresses the environment of the playground, from uprooted trees to uneven asphalt floors, which may cause children to trip and scrape their knees.

Homeowners and child care centre managers alike want to keep children safe in the playground. So, meticulous inspection and adequate repairs are important.

A thorough routine inspection lets you know what’s wrong with the playground, while regular repair allows you to immediately address safety issues before they affect the children. Moreover, the two factors make the playground last longer.