Rent Versus Purchasing: Which is Better for Ski Vacations?

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Snowboarding in Vail Snowboarding and other high-adrenaline winter sports usually have a lot of protective gear to minimize mishap or accident if they occur. However, if you are travelling to a ski resort, consider getting your gear from rental stores. For example, renting a snowboard will not only be cost-effective, but also keeps you from carrying a lot of stuff.

When you are at a ski resort you can rent the following items:

  • Snowboards: Imagine if you had to pack your snowboards! It would not only be cumbersome but also expensive. You will have to pay an exorbitant amount just to be able to transport your snowboard to a resort. Hence, it would definitely be better to rent a snowboard, especially in a Vail resort.
  • Skis and axes: Most airlines will not allow you to transport skis and ice axes, unless you have taken special permission. This will prove to be expensive and useless, especially when you can easily rent it at the resort.
  • Sports gear: If you have equipment that are big, heavy or have a peculiar shape, then consider renting them at the resort instead of carrying them along.
What should you pack?

Packing for a winter sports resort should be efficient. Carry only the items that you absolutely require. For example, always pack woollens and other warm clothes like jackets. It is better to purchase the wearables than to rent them. Even your footwear, you must ensure that you carry them when you travel to the resort, otherwise you may not find a pair of winter wear shoes that fit you at the resort.

So carry only items that you require as the rest you can get on rent. Remember, travelling light is always beneficial and lets you be flexible and adapt to any unforeseen changes to your plan.