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Revving it Up: Motocross for Beginners

Straight Study

There’s nothing like the thrill that comes with extreme sports. Among the most exciting extreme sports is freestyle motocross. When you’re thinking of trying it out on the dirt path with a bike, here are some things that you take note of:

Understand the risk

Every extreme sport has its dangers. It’s important that you know what you’re going into before you roll on the dirt path. For parents, make sure that you allow your child to engage in the game before letting them run. Know that there are possible consequences, and that you’d always run the risk of being injured.

Stay safe

You can, and most likely will, get injured. But shrug it off, as it’s part of the game. What’s important is that you have quality MX safety gear to keep you safe. Know the right gear that you need. First, get a helmet. Know how to choose the right motorcycle helmet for you. Wear goggles as well, to shield your eyes from dust and dirt. Get body armour as well to keep your chest and back safe. When racing, make sure that you are wearing long sleeve shirts. Have a pair of boots with you as well.

Maintain your bike. Make sure that it’s well-oiled and ready to go every time you’d hit the tracks. Check the grips, glues, brakes, and other parts of the machine.

Practice regularly

Spend a lot of time on the track before you become great in motocross. During your initial run, don’t try out complex tricks yet; get the feel of the course first. Ride around and go slowly. Walk the track before you join the race. When you feel accustomed to the path, that’s the only time that you can speed up. Always think of safety when you’re practicing the different freestyle motocross tricks. Watching videos on how pro riders do their tricks can also help.

Motocross surely is one of the many extreme sports that really excite people. When you’re planning on learning this sport, note that there are risks with what you’re playing. You also need safety gear and constant practice to succeed. As long as you remember these things, you’d have a fun, safe run every time.