Scientific Explanation For Pessimism

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While most of us can be categorized as being optimistic or pessimistic, science can now answer how we got the trait and how we may change it.

The Concerned Study

The study on identical twins, Debbie and Trudi conducted by Prof. Tim Spector from the St. Thomas Hospital in London, endeavors to find an answer to the fundamental question about how we develop our personality traits. The study claims it can also provide solution to why some people are more optimistic than others.

By studying the identical twins, Spector has identified a handful of genes that were switched in one twin but not in the other. This, the professor says, suggests that our personality is a function of our genetic makeup. But Spector also points that environmental factors also affect the genes through a process known as epigenetics.

The conclusion from the study is that you can change your personality even in later in life, which is good news for even the most pessimistic!