SEO Strategies to Double Your Search Traffic

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SEO word on wooden blocksThis is the age of digitization where brick and mortar business must think of taking their businesses to the online space. But, doing so is not enough. Unless online businesses implement advanced SEO strategies, merely taking the company online is futile. 2018 promises a great future for online businesses. Particularly, those that tactically improve on some of these SEO techniques.

Improving Local SEO

Local SEO seems to have similarities with organic SEO, but it’s very different. Local SEO bases the searchers results in their current location. For example, if a user searcher for ‘best salon,’ Google will provide them with results with salons near them.

This is Google’s way of providing users more relevant results. Over the past few years, the growth of smartphones has provided user better connectivity while out and about, and this has led to the significant growth of local SEO. To improve your local SEO in Utah, try these tips from SEO Werkz.

  • Use the right keywords that customer search to find you.
  • In your website, provide the local address, your local or primary phone number.
  • Make it for search engines to find your site more easily by embedding a geo-sitemap on the website.

Link Building: Focus on quality, not quantity

The landscape of building links and SEO is ever-changing. Today, the need to build high-quality links is critical to online success. If you’re going to compete and thrive online, you need to understand the essence of high-quality campaigns.

Quality link-building is an intricate process

Larry Page, one of Google’s founders, invented PageRank. Google used to measure the quality of a website page based on the number of links pointing to it. However, SEO experts soon discovered how to manipulate this strategy, and Google discovered the manipulation. The process of link-building is very intricate, and it’s best if you leave this task to experts in SEO in Utah.

As the year ends, plan for the new year by conducting an SEO audit and carefully examining your overall website performance. Then, set new goals based on your findings. Start by working on the tactics above, and you will thrive in 2018.