Silver Coins: Tried and Tested Protection Against Inflation

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Stack of Silver Eagle Coins on White BackgroundIn the United Kingdom, inflation remains a big concern for most consumers, and for many good reasons. Not only because it pulls the prices up while bringing the value of money down, but also because for many of them, nothing compensates for it, such as an increase in income or something similar.

For this reason, more and more consumers all over the nation are looking to investment assets. Many different media can serve as a protection against inflation, and physical coins and bullion are some of them. Aside from gold, many now also choose to buy silver coins from Atkinsons Bullion as a form of inflation hedge.

A look at the current state and performance of the market

Looking at the latest reports, you will see that this year, UK consumer prices went up by 2.6 percent up to June 2017. While this represents a 0.3 per cent drop from its four-year high and lowest rate of inflation within a three-month period, it still means considerably increased prices of essential goods and services.

Experts forecast that this trend will continue and even likely go up once again in the fourth quarter of the year, with the possibility of reaching a 3 per cent inflation rate.

Silver coins: One of the most effective inflation hedges

The continued rise in inflation rate comes with a myriad of negative long-term financial effects. For this reason, it is wise that, as early as now, while the rate is still low, you invest your money on an inflation hedge. Silver coins and bullion can protect your finances against higher prices of consumer goods and services, while it retains its exceptional buying power.

Always keep in mind that a successful investment portfolio requires proper planning and thoughtful media expansion. And this should include investing in media that can stand against inflation without also seeing a drop in their value. Gold and silver are the best examples of such worthy investments.