Simmons Apologizes For Tubman Sex Video

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Russell Simmons has said a sincere sorry for Harriet Tubman’s parody video in a sex tape that could be seen on his YouTube channel, All Def Digital. The controversial clip, ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’ that was posted online on Wednesday, features an actress depicting Tubman having sex with her white slave master. The video is shot in such a manner as to enable the abolitionist to bribe her boss.

Video Removed

55-year-old Simmons who has founded the Def Jam Records wrote on Thursday that he could now comprehend why so many people were upset with the clip. He added that after he got a call from the NAACP, he had removed the video from his channel. Unfortunately, despite Simmons removing the video, it has still managed to survive online.

Simmons has also issued a sincere apology to all those offended by the video and mentioned that he does not approve of violence against women.