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So You Want to Introduce a New Food Product to Market?

Food Product in OtahuhuSo you’ve created a delicious strawberry jam that your family and friends love. With their words of encouragement, you’ve tried selling it online — and it’s been a hit! Now, you want to take it to the next level and introduce it to a wider market. While you’re sure you’re offering a great product, the question is this: is your jam ready to compete with other artisanal goods?

Find Your Story

With an amazing back story for your brand, you can outsell the competition. This doesn’t mean you have to invent a story just to create a buzz about your strawberry jam. Look back at your journey of creating the finished product and find something that is relatable and could be your selling point. Perhaps there’s a history behind the recipe; if you learned it from your grandmother who was, in turn, taught by your great grandmother, then that could be your story – a strawberry jam recipe that has been lovingly passed on through the generations.

Gain People’s Trust

While your product could already have a following online, you still need to gain the public’s trust. One way to achieve this is by putting an informative food label on your product. Many artisanal goods only include the list of ingredients and words like “natural” or “organic” on the label and leave it at that, so adding this extra bit of information can give you a leg up on the competition.

Consider putting your product up for food allergies testing in any NZ labs and including the test results on your product label. Though food tests are somewhat costly, they could be worth the expense as it creates a level of trust between you and your consumers. And besides, food manufacturers — no matter how small they are – should always invest in food safety compliance, as reminded by the Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd.

With these two techniques, your humble strawberry jam can outshine the competition and eventually rise to success. Just make sure that you’re prepared to keep up with the demands, as all of these will be worthless if you can’t handle product demand.