videographer doing his job

Someone (Else) Yell Action

Direct Service

More and more people are becoming aware that shooting a video takes more than pointing a camera and pushing the record button. The quality of a video production depends on many factors that include equipment and experience, neither of which is easily attainable.

This is why businesses would rather just hire video production companies to make videos for them. Firstly, because whatever they come up with on their own would probably be naff. Second, it makes more sense to spend money on something worthwhile, than to waste time faffing about.

Brain Stew

Pre-production is the first step in the video making process. For most people, this occurs while they’re in the bath. Many think it takes just that, but the process requires much more work than one Eureka moment.

The jolt of inspiration is what’s known in video production companies as the creative concept. The creative concept is the root from which the entire video has to spring from; script writing and regular research meetings help refine the concept into something concrete. If it’s starting to sound like a lot of work for a first step, it should. A misstep in the planning process may cause the project to fall apart before it even starts filming.


Production is arguably the most fun part of the project. This is where all the props and actors show what they have in front of the camera. All the plans during pre-production come to life, and the vision is partially realised. The process isn’t done yet, because real work begins after the director says “It’s a wrap”.

Behind the Camera

Post-production is where the magic happens. It’s where all the raw materials come together to form a unique presentation that conveys the intended message. Post-production covers editing, production music and stock footage, and even graphics and animation, if necessary.

Most people admit they have no idea what goes on with the production after lights-out. Video production companies use a variety of editing programs, some exclusively, or in conjunction with similar programs of different specialisations.

Now Showing

What would all that work be for if no one gets to see it? Film distribution is the legwork, so to speak, that gives the project an audience. Even big blockbusters go through the somewhat tedious process of promoting their films on morning and late-night talk shows. In most cases, this involves digital distribution through web and mobile platforms.

Video production is a hassle, and you don’t really need the added stress, delegating the work to professionals is your best option.