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Starting on a New Slate: Materials for Fireproof Roofs

Direct Service

Cold winters may actually convince you to get some topnotch roof repair service for your home. Do it right the first time around by choosing slate as your primary material. The classic roofing choice of prudent homeowners all over the world, slate is a metamorphic stone unmatched in its durability, style, and distinction.

Indeed, even slate fresh from either Brazilian, English, or North American carriers are dense, sound rock that’s especially tough and substantial.

Size, Color, Dimension

Available in a myriad of hues and dimensions that give room for architectural customization, some people actually prepare a slate roof tile pattern. This beauty, fortunately, is complemented by its durability, able to withstand the worst tornadoes and hurricanes. Your local fireman will also be very happy to know that your roof is fireproof.

Let’s Talk Money

Slate does stand up to weather without losing its class. But can you handle how much it’s worth? Indeed, the cost of slate roofing, along with professional roof repair service, can be five times the conventional roofing materials, which tends to be its biggest flaw. Thus, you must take care to hire only the best – those with good experience, along with client and material references. This concern on cash, however, may be offset by your roof lasting more than a century. So ensure this by only using high-end installation materials in a well-planned design.

Maintenance and Sustainability for the Long Term

Natural, environment-friendly, highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, and typically unaffected by fungus or mold, slates, no matter how almighty, can still shed a tile or two. Make a habit of inspecting yours on an annual basis, and replace any cracks and damaged right away.

If you take good care of your baby slates, then they may actually outlast your home, without adding to demolition debris as most conventional roofs do. Their durability is so legendary that many slate roofs today are made with reclaimed slates, which is less expensive than brand new materials.