Stay Connected: Increase Your Traffic Using Social Media This Holiday Season

Straight Market

social hashtagIt’s that time of the year again when endless online shopping becomes a common activity. The holiday season is now fast approaching and as an online retailer, you should use it to your advantage. You still have a few months to boost your sales, drive more traffic to your site, and keep up with the fierce competition.

The potential of Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping to help your business grow is impossible to ignore. It’s the biggest sales weekend of the year, and you should start preparing to attract consumers to your website.
Let this article help increase your seasonal sales using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Create Catchy Hashtags

This is a good promotional tool, especially when used properly during the holiday season. Take inspiration from retailer giant Lowe’s that uses a hashtag and video-sharing app Vine to promote sales and deals for the holidays. It’s up to you if you want to adopt holiday-themed hashtags, such as #holidaygiftideas or #holidaysales.

Respond Quickly

As much as possible, start publicizing your products early. Get your target customers involved by posting engaging information on your social media account regularly. Post your offers using images or share easy shopping tips. Make the consumers feel appreciated by keeping them up-to-date.

Don’t hesitate to seek the help of professionals to know the marketing strategies that will suit your business. As social media expert puts it: “A website with proper Internet marketing is crucial to enhancing your brand and credibility. A website should be aesthetically pleasing, but above all your website must produce results and it must be affordable. Once your website is online and generating traffic, it’s time to convert those visitors into customers.”

Captivate Consumers Using Special Offers

This is the best way to draw huge traffic during the holiday season. Many consumers are keen to get discounts or free gifts, especially if they are buying big-ticket products. Nurture and strengthen relationships with your customers to make them come back for more.

Social media is about connecting with customers and becoming part of their holiday celebrations. Though it’s an effective marketing tool during holidays, it should be part of your business plan year-round.