The Art of Baking in Three Items


So you baked a cake and are so happy to see the finished product. It’s pretty, and looks rather delicious, too. When you slice the cake, it starts to crumble. You don’t mind it, but the moment you taste it, you feel like you don’t want to bake anymore.

Baking can be a rewarding hobby. You see the magic of turning even the simplest ingredients into heavenly cakes and other baked treats. However, even with easiest recipes and the most basic of ingredients, the product can sometimes end up as disaster.

True enough, the quality of the finished product lies in the ingredients, but don’t forget that it’s the hands of the baker that mix them. This means that skills make the difference. You don’t need to get the most appealing edible images or the finest ingredients to make something special. Invest in skill. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind and will make you realise that baking is an art.

Steps Appreciation

You won’t be good at something unless you fall in love with it. Start with appreciation. Read the cardinal rules of baking and try out some experiments as a practice. Learn the basic types of equipment, and the many different types of ingredients. The moment you learn what an excessive amount of baking soda can do to your cake, you’re ready for some action.


The basics of preparation involve preheating and determining the size of the cake tin. Although most ovens have smart features, it is still wise to check your oven with a separate baking thermometer. In terms of cake container, you should use the right size, as it also determines the length of the cooking time.


Baking is an art of measurement. Even the best bakers who seem to mix the ingredients effortlessly concentrate in fixing their proportions. Use measuring tools with accurate measurements. You may also come up with a chart that will make measurement conversions.

Baking is a hobby that requires concentration and a deep understanding of measurements and the connection of each ingredient. If you want to be happy with your finished product, keep all these things in mind and use only fine baking and cake decorating supplies.