man going to brush his teeth

The Art of Brushing: Proper Ways of Brushing Teeth

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Brushing your teeth is routine. Every kid learns how to do it as a matter of course. But many people do not know that there are proper brushing techniques just as there are wrong ones. Instead of maintaining good oral hygiene, you may be hurting your mouth, damaging your teeth and gums. When you brush the wrong way, you may damage the enamel or push plaque, germs, and other food elements further between your teeth.

It’s never too late to learn proper brushing. Here are the pointers.

Do No Start in the Same Places

Brushing easily becomes a habit, as any Applecross dentist may tell you. People usually and unconsciously start on the same part of the mouth every time they brush, which may leave some areas less taken care of.

If you want complete oral cleaning, you need to pay equal attention to all areas. Do not prioritise which side to brush first. See to it that the inside surfaces of the teeth are also brushed.

Pick the Right Bristle

There are different kinds of bristles, from angled ones to the ones infused with charcoal. It does not matter how angled the bristles are or what they are made of, though. What is important is that they’re sturdy and flexible enough to remove plaque without damaging your teeth or hurting your gums.

Sing a Song

If you were taught to hum a tune while you brush, then continue to do so. Many reliable dentists in areas like Melville recommend brushing for up to two minutes, which is about the length of a short song.

Do Not Let Your Toothbrush Stay Wet

Bacteria and germs thrive in moist places, which make your toothbrush an ideal environment for them. So as much as possible, do not let your toothbrush stay wet or moist.

Brushing regularly is the first step to better oral health. Once you do it correctly, you will be able to maintain your oral health more efficiently.