The Benefits of Snacking for Your Teeth

On-Point Health

Woman holding an appleEvery time you communicate with your dentist regarding the weather in Wimbledon, his auto collection, and your dental health, he never fails to describe all the facts that you should not do. This includes avoiding sticky starches, tobacco products, bright food dyes and dark-coloured beverages that could stain your choppers. Besides those prohibitions, snacking is allowable as long as you consume the right treats. You can incorporate the following healthy foods into your diet:

· Green tea. If you want to maintain your bright teeth, then you ought to consider this herbal beverage instead of coffee or English breakfast tea. Green tea rids of bad breath and contains catechins that eliminate bacteria in your mouth, particularly those that transform sugar into plaque. It also offers several benefits for your overall health.

· Dairy products. Milk, cheeses and yoghurts have lactic acid and enamel-fortifying calcium that serve as an antibacterial element in your mouth. If you do decide to increase your daily dairy intake, ensure that you avoid products that are heavy in sugar, such as ice cream.

· Citrus fruits. Based on AARP’s findings, consuming tart fruits allows your mouth to produce more saliva that naturally washes your teeth. Although, keep in mind: you must eat these in moderation because lemons, grapefruits, and oranges have acids that can naturally weaken your enamel.

· Strawberries. Dr Irwin Smigel, the President of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics, reveals in an interview that these juicy, red fruits are rich in malic acid. This compound serves as a natural astringent to get rid of surface tooth staining. Help your teeth brighten naturally by snacking on fresh strawberries, adding these to your salads or rubbing the crushed ones on your teeth.

Integrating the above delicious and nutritious goodies into your daily snacking habit will no doubt help improve and preserve your pearly whites.