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The Complete Guide to Understanding Your Mortgage Interest Rates

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Your lender has an idea on the various factors that can determine your mortgage rates in Phoenix, and you should too. Although your financial status can determine what interest rate you’ll get once you apply for a mortgage, there are other factors that determine the entire mortgage rate.


Inflation can have an effect on the overall mortgage interest rate and could be a huge determining factor for most mortgage lenders. Keep in mind that any upswing in the overall demand for home loans can drive the home loan rates higher. The opposite effect happens when the economy weakens. As employment and wages decline, a decrease in demand for mortgages will soon follow, which in turn dissuade the interest rates offered by most home loan lenders.

The entire loan amount

The entire amount for a home loan has an effect on the mortgage rate. If you take on a considerable low amount, then the lender will only charge you with a smaller interest rate. It’s the same when you take out a large amount of home loan. If you ask to borrow a larger amount of loan, you’ll automatically have a larger interest rate.

Location of the property

Although most people tend to overlook this factor, the location of the property has an effect on your mortgage interest rate. If the housing market is healthy in the area you’re looking, there’s a less chance you’ll get charged with a higher interest rate.

There are other things that may have an effect on the mortgage’s interest rate. It’s best to ask for help from mortgage companies you can trust so you’ll know which mortgage option to choose. You may also want to ask advice from your closest friends or loved ones who know a lot about mortgages as well.