organising a concert

The Guide to Organising a Memorable Concert

Straight Study

Many people think that setting up a concert event is as simple as booking a band and selling hundreds of tickets. It goes beyond that, however. You need the crowd to remember the event. Here’s a quick guide in doing that.

Team up and research

No person can organise a concert alone. You need a team to help you. Research on the target market of the concert, and the local acts that are popular. You need to know how many people you expect to attend the event.

Find a venue and set a date

Look for a venue that’s close to your target audience, and a place large enough to house your estimated crowd. Make sure the location is accessible so the audience won’t hesitate to go there. Set the perfect date for the event. Weekends are ideal for these types of events. Think twice before organising a concert on a holiday. Only widely recognised acts can draw a crowd even when there’s a big event outside.

Book a band and rent equipment

Get at least one band to headline your concert. Make sure that they can deliver a live performance nicely and that they’re well-known in the town. Rent sound equipment that functional and delivers quality sound. Lights are also important to give the audience a nice atmosphere. Consider a laser show if you have a decent budget, but coloured lights can do just fine.

Prepare souvenirs and plan surprises

Souvenirs make people remember where they went and how much fun they had at an event. T-shirts, for one, are a great way to make a concert memorable. There are many screen clothing printing companies in the UK so choose one that suits your budget and needs. Consider other items such as stickers and button pins as well. During the event, plan some surprise raffles and giveaways for the audience.

Put up posters and advertise online

Spread the word about your event. The concert should have posters all around town. Set up an event page on social networking sites. Get people to attend the event. Use different ways to promote the event. Maximise the sponsorship you get and make sure that many people know about the upcoming concert in the area.

Concerts are a great way to raise funds, promote a local band, and simply have a good time. Organising these events takes more than just booking a band and playing a few songs. As long as you take time to prepare, your concert will be a massive success, and a memorable one at that.