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The Link between Depression and Alcohol

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Many people drink alcohol to get rid of stress and the pain they’re currently suffering. They believe that it’s the solution to their problems, but on the contrary, it only makes the situation worse. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, alcoholism affects at least 1.5% individuals annually. This makes remarkable alcohol rehab clinics more popular as the main source of treatment.

Greater Depression

Alcohol is a depressant, so people will get more depressed if they continue to abuse it. It triggers psychological stress because the happiness they feel when drinking is temporary. Instead of facing life issues, they would rather continue drinking and indulge in their short-term pleasure. This will not solve anything because it just becomes a continuous cycle.

Suicidal Tendencies

Many researchers prove links between alcohol abuse and suicidal attempts, such as medicine overdoses and auto accidents. This is because alcohol supports the negative thinking of a person. They won’t be able to identify what’s right or wrong, making them more impulsive in their decisions. They’ll do the craziest things to satisfy themselves, even if it costs their and other people’s safety.

Sleeping Problems

Alcohol affects sleep, which is a big problem for people with depression. They’ll most likely suffer from insomnia because different thoughts float around in their head. It affects the quality of sleep, making it difficult to concentrate and remember tasks they need to do. Being moody is also a prominent attitude among people who drink alcohol.

Medication Side Effects

Depressed people need medications, like antidepressants, to regulate their emotional and psychological being. If they drink these along with alcohol, the side effects can be dangerous. The two chemicals will fight inside the body. For instance, monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) and tyramine, an amino acid found in beer and wine that controls blood pressure, can cause a stroke.

Depression is dangerous alone, so adding alcohol may even be more risky. Stop alcohol abuse and save lives. Look for an alcoholism rehabilitation centre before it’s too late.