The Middle East And North Africa’s Great Tasting Beer


Beer and getting drunk are part of fun, truly memorable travel experiences. If you thought you should forget about drinking beer when you visit the Middle East and North Africa, think again.

Here are the top six beers from these two regions:

Top 6) Jordan’s Petra

Petra is the special brew of the Middle East. It is among the wild, rare, and almost undrinkable beers that ever existed, according to some Jordan locals.

Top 5) Morocco’s Casablanca

Casablanca is undoubtedly the country’s most famous, despite the popularity of the locally brewed Heineken.This beer is even served in the Moroccan pavilion at Disney World’s Epcot Center.

Top 4) Israel’s Goldstar

In existence for over 60 years now, this fantastic Israeli beer has been brewed in the country since the 1950’s. Truly deserving to be on this list.

Top 3) Egypt’s Stella/Sakara

Stella is Egypt’s oldest beer. It’s been brewed since the 19th century, and is best served in a tall bottle, poured leisurely into a pint glass.

Top 2) Palestine’s Taybeh

This is truly an excellent beer, whether served in a Ramallah bar or tracked down in a back street off license. Taybehis loved by many people in the West Bank as it’s elusive everywhere else.

Top 1) Lebanon’s Almaza

Almaza may be a light and fairly standard pilsner at a low 4% ABV. Butit amounts to far more than that when served ice cold at a Hamra Street café on a warm summer evening.