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The “Other Side” of the Mirror: Solving Common Interior Design Issues

Beautiful interior designMore often than not, reflections and vanity come to mind at the thought of mirrors. They are not only useful for checking how you look before heading out for work, lunch with friends, or a night out. Mirrors in your Indianapolis home serve a greater purpose to your residential property’s interior design.

For starters, it creates an illusion of space; adding a mirror into a compact living area can make it look bigger, if not grander. Here are the other ways the accessory solves common interior design issues at home.

Hiding Imperfections

Many homeowners and apartment tenants have encountered wall imperfections. These vary from scribbles by a child to stubborn stain patches to literal holes in the wall. Placing a mirror on the surface is a quick and effective way of concealing unsightly wall — you don’t even have to exert effort in painting over or renovating it.

Brightening Up a Room

If you have dimly-lit rooms at home, consider investing in mirrors for a brighter space. Strategically place them across windows, to bring in natural light, or near artificial lighting fixtures, for better reflection. In relation to this, mirrors can also brighten up a room in terms of feng shui. They reflect the energy of the water feng shui element, so you can place them in certain places to attract good energy.

Increasing Room Aesthetics

A bare wall may seem great, especially with the popularity of minimalist designs, but it could eventually turn bland. Increase aesthetics by putting a mirror on it. You may choose a floor-length style, which can make the space appear larger, or decorative ones, which can make a statement and draw the attention.

Look at the other side of the mirror. You’ll see that it is not just about seeing your reflection and checking how you look before leaving the house. It also does wonders to home interior design.