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The S Factor: What You Should Look for in a College Preparatory School

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College education is a big investment. Because of this, those who want to go to college would want to be as prepared as possible, and one of the ways to do that is to enroll in a preparatory school.

If you’re one of those planning for it, here are some points to remember, all beginning with the letter S.


One factor you should know about college preparatory schools in Raleigh, NC is the quality of education they give. Does it use the Common Core Standards? Would you be able to take — if you would like to aim for honors, for instance — AP or IB courses? Remember, high standards are always worth investing time and money in.


Another aspect you should look into is the general performance of the enrollees after they finish their studies. How many actually took the SAT or ACT, and how many of them were able to pass those exams? For those who did pass, which colleges did they eventually enter? As a rule, you can get an idea of the school’s actual performance by looking at its past students.


It wouldn’t be true preparation if the school simply dispenses knowledge and doesn’t see you as an individual who wants to achieve something in life. Some signs of good emotional and psychological support you can look out for are personal counseling sessions, as well as encouragement of critical thinking in classes. These kinds of learning approaches can make a difference when you go out into the real world.

Finding a good preparatory school can help your chances of getting into many colleges and universities. However, you shouldn’t forget about the effort and time you should put in. After all, you are the one who made the decision to aim high to reach your dreams and not the college preparatory school that you’re presently eyeing.