The Safest Used Cars for Your Teenager


Most teenagers want to drive their own car. As a parent, you might be worried about their safety and security. This is why buying used cars for sale in Indianapolis, Indiana can be a tough decision to make. Teenagers tend to be excited on the road. This makes the car’s price, size, compatibility, and vehicle features important factors every parent must think through.

What Qualities Should You Look for?

Appearance – A modern style that makes your teen feel confident about owning the vehicle.
Interior – Adequate space for their school materials and other things.
Performance – A compact vehicle that’s easy to manage and maintain.
Safety – Protection when driving, especially during accidents.
Mileage – Teenagers don’t have a big amount of money for repairs and gasoline yet.
Reliability – A vehicle that won’t break down easily.

What Types of Used Cars Should You Buy?

1. Honda Civic – This vehicle can accommodate up to four people. It’s easy to operate and is economical. It can run for over 40 mpg and only has an 11% chance of rollover.
2. Toyota Camry – This is among the best-selling sedans in the United States. Its excellent quality provides safety to any teenager. It has a 5-star driver front crash rating with 11% chance of rollover.
3. Ford Crown Victoria – Its side airbags are ideal for protection against impact. These can be beneficial for your teen especially if they get involved in an accident.
4. Honda CR-V – This comes with a standard stability control, which can help your teen regain control of the steering wheel. This way, they can avoid accidents due to driving error.
5. Toyota Celica –This front-wheel drive reduces the risk of rear-drive spin out accidents. It has a sporty coupe shape, which is ideal for teenagers who are after the vehicle’s appearance.
6. Ford Focus – This vehicle is bigger than it looks. Its interiors are good for students on the go. It also has side airbags for safety.

Don’t entrust your teenager’s safety to a risky vehicle. Buy used cars in Indianapolis from trusted dealers, like