The Secret to Clearer Water

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Clearer WaterHave you ever wondered what makes your wastewater so clear or what kind of process that this goes through to provide you with a safe and clean water? Most probably not think about it. 

But, did you know that having some knowledge about clarifier part is actually very interesting? This way, you’d get to realize how one thing can be turned into something valuable to humans.  

An online source for water treatment system and laboratory testing in the U.S can make this happen because of their complete assembly line of equipment and intensive processes. Such as:


This may sound very scientific but it’s just a term for the amount of light that the sample water absorbs. Easy right? This is one of the most important parts of the process that creates a chemical reaction between the beam of light and water.

Settling tests

To obtain a clear water, it needs to have the right amount of thickeners and this what settling tests are for. But what are thickeners, you may ask? These are the liquids and solids found in wastewaters that were separated through this process. 

Jar testing

How do operators know then which treatment should be used to arrive at their desired requirement for a clear water?

This is where jar testing comes in wherein a treatment chemical is mixed with a raw or wastewater that if it doesn’t hit the requirements just yet, more chemicals or another set of treatments are used until we have a clear water. This is a trial and error thing that must be done daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever there is any sort of minor or major changes.

Polymer Screening

‘Outsiders’ are not welcomed in the process, so to speak. So before the final product is released, this will eliminate those sediments that aren’t supposed to be there that were able to get through the first few processes.

So for your peace of mind that what you’re consuming are safe, have your water checked before it’s too late.