The Stone Setting Makes The Jewelry

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JewelryRings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces — fine jewelry pieces are given and worn to show elegance and signify value and commitment. Choosing the right pieces to wear for a given occasion takes time. Lovers carefully browse through displays, one after another, to pick the perfect engagement ring.

Stones and jewelry pieces have their meanings. For example, the diamond, according to stone experts, is not just shiny and unbreakable. It also has healing properties and is believed to be a symbol of illumination and spirituality. This makes the diamond a favorite of jewelry makers and wearers alike. It is a symbolic stone, and it looks good in any cut or setting. Diamond brokerage businesses like Hull Loan Systems observe that the prong and bezel settings are popular with buyers. Jewelry pieces are a lot like letters. If the stones are the ink, the settings are the paper. Here are some popular stone settings:

The Prong Setting

The prong setting is the most popular. Commonly seen in rings, the stone is mounted on top of the metal. It is then secured by thinner claw-like metals called prongs. Since it is mounted on top, the stone easily catches light and looks more brilliant. The prong setting looks simple, and it is able to secure even the most delicate stones.

The Bezel Setting

The bezel setting secures the stone with a hole in the ring. The hole, called the bezel, is made to hold the stone and secure it. Unlike the prong, the stone is not mounted. With its neat cut, the jewelry gets a modern look. The bezel setting can also be seen on bracelets and pendants. A popular version of the bezel setting is the halo bezel, where the central stone is surrounded by smaller stones set on the bezel itself.

The Bead Setting

Jewelry pieces with the bead setting look as if they are made with beads. The bead setting sets the stones directly to the metal. Small stones look like shiny threads in the bead setting. It is commonly seen in earrings.

Stone setting determines how the jewelry will look and how the stone will take front and center. Stone setting makes a jewelry as much as the stone does.