This is How Cleaners Stay Safe During Window Cleaning

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Window Cleaning in PortlandDid you see the awestruck faces of onlookers as professionals perform their jobs in high places? Everyone will surely gasp at how they put their lives on the line.

Now, picture this: Experts in window cleaning in Portland, Oregon and other places have to go through such situations on a normal day. Good thing, they have devised a smooth way of cleaning all sorts of windows. Here are some of the safety measures they apply in their line of work:

The Ladder

This is one of the oldest access equipment for window cleaning. Did you know that multiple deaths related to ladder use happen every year? This is why ladder safety is important. For this equipment, size and condition are the most critical things. Others include safety accessories, surface condition, and angle of placement.

Safety Harness

For buildings with ledges, a full-body safety harness comes in handy. Some of these structures have an inbuilt track system, which window cleaners can access from a window.

Elevated Work Platform

For buildings up to six stories tall, the EWP method is applicable. The only condition is that the building should have easy access. If the building happens to be in a public place, traffic control may be necessary. After all, EWPs are bulky and can take up space.

Suspended Scaffold

The benefit of this method is that it allows the cleaner to access a larger window area. This method is usually a reserve for buildings of over 40 stories, for example, the Wells Fargo Center. It may also be applicable for places where cleaners need to use harsh chemicals. Even though this looks like a structure, OSHA regulations require users to wear safety harnesses.

The bottom line is that there are standards for cleaning windows, especially at the commercial level. If you need your business establishment windows cleaned, make sure you hire trained and certified personnel that make use of the safety measures above.